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ASUS products support is crap

About a year an a half ago, in September 2013, I bought an ASUS laptop which came with a 2-year warranty. It’s an OK laptop that’s been used as the family PC and did what was expected.

Recently it broke. It would not boot up and occasionally the screen would show something of a static at start up. Taking advantage of the warranty, I contacted ASUS, explained them my situation and was offered to ship the laptop to them for free for a repair. The shipping process was straightforward and in about a week-and-a-half, I got the laptop back. I quickly turned it on and realized that they did not fix it. At first, I thought that I was doing something wrong, because having a just-repaired product behave broken, just as though no-one touched it would probably raise some concerns from people whose job it is to verify that a product works before sending it back after repair.

After fiddling with it for about 20 minutes I realized that they simply did not fix it. I called back started to complain about the failure of this repair exercise. The person on the phone would not confirm the failure, but could only offer me to have the product shipped to them again so that they will “fix it for sure“. I wish I had known better to have asked to have it fixed for sure the first time. I did not expect to have to have been so specific. Who knew that the magic “fix it for sure” requirement is required when sending broken products for repair.

I tried to escalate the situation to someone who can adjust the process, such as by sending me a working replacement product first, so that I can send in the broken product to them later, but no matter who picked up the phone, they would not agree to this. The best they could offer me was to give me a faster shipping label (down to 3 days from 5 originally) so that the broken laptop would reach them faster. The promise to “fix it for sure” was repeated several times and I finally resolved to follow their process again, to send their laptop to them again, and to wait for it to be fixed and sent it back to me again.

Another week-and-a-half later, I received the laptop back. Without waiting too long, I plugged it in and was pleasantly surprised to see the screen light up with a familiar logo. Soon, it booted up to a brand new installation of Windows. I felt delighted and a little sorry for having raised so much hell about it the first time. Perhaps, on occasion, even the good guys screw up and let things fall through the cracks.

I began the process of re-configuring the OS to my needs and upgrading and installing stuff that we need, but soon the system asked me to activate Windows. At this point, any shred of remorse I may have had left quickly dissipated. I was left with an unusable laptop again and feeling helpless because ASUS’s promise to fix it for sure was not, really, a promise one could rely on.

I decided to give them another chance. I called up their support team and was told that they, actually, have a systematic way of handling this problem without having to send the laptop in again. Seems like the routinely ‘forget’ to activate windows during their repair process. WTF? The support tech opened another ticket and pretty soon I had an email instructing me to login to their website, register the laptop and click the special button to get access to the Windows Activation Key. I began feeling better again. I quickly followed the procedure, but after clicking the magic button I saw this message instead


So I called them back again and was told that they would do something special for me – they would send me another email with an actual activation key later same day.  I hung up and waited, waited and waited some more, but such email never arrived.

So a few days later I followed up with them only to find out that they cannot have promised me that.  The guy on the phone did, actually, note that I was promised such email, but he was at a loss about how one would make such promise.  I can only imagine is was done to get me off the phone.  Again, the best they could do was to offer me to have my laptop sent to them again and to wait for it to be “fixed it for sure” again.

I dropped it with fedex for the 3rd time earlier today.  I hope that 3 times is the charm.  I don’t know why anyone would accept such treatment from any vendor.  I will never buy anything ASUS again and strongly recommend against anyone buying their products.