Windows RT 8.1 update

I upgraded my Surface to Windows 8.1 RT today.  the update went through without any issues, although the download took a while.  it’s a welcome refresher. I particularly like the fact that apps now have their own search bar embedded inside the app itself.  Searching no longer requires going to the charms bar. 

My year-old Surface also feels a bit more peppy after the update.  its a lot more pleasant to use it.  Standard Microsoft apps received a subtle facelift as well.  I especially like an updated Store app.  It’s a lot more fancy.  the on-screen keyboard is more user-friendly as well. 

There is a start button, but its functionality is of dubious value, it switches to Metro. 


Overall it’s a welcome upgrade, I like it, but it’s not revolutionary.  If you have Windows 8, I recommend upgrading.


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