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App Fail

My app fails to perform its main reason for existence – background loading of news articles. Why? Because Microsoft severely restricts resources available to background tasks.

More info at the bottom of this article.

Too bad I relied on background tasks to make my app useful. Time to rethink this strategy.

Why of why, Microsoft?!


My App was approved

Got this email last week:

Your app is in the Windows Store!

Congratulations! Offline News Reader, release 1 is now in the Windows Store. Use this link to your app’s listing in the Windows Store to let others know about your app.
Because we just added your app to the Windows Store, it might take some time before your customers will see it in their search results.
To track the performance of Offline News Reader, open your Dashboard.
Keep up the good work!

The Windows Store team

Please check it out

Binding to WinRT Slider Value Property

For some reason this did not work for me out of the box.  WPF does not seem to have as many gotchas.
Thanks to Iris ( I figured out that I must explicitly specify


for it to work


<Slider Grid.Column="1" Margin="3" Height="30" Minimum="15" 
           Value="{Binding RefreshFrequencyMinutes, Mode=TwoWay}"
           Maximum="60" Foreground="Blue"/>


April 3, 2013

I was denied entry into the not-so-exclusive club of people who have their apps in the store. Got an email earlier this week that said:

We couldn’t certify your app

We couldn’t certify Offline News Reader for the Windows Store because we found a problem.
To see what happened, look at the certification report from your Dashboard. Then, fix your app and submit it again.

The Windows Store team

Your app doesn't meet requirement 3.8. 

The launch time and suspend time of an app depends on many variables, such as system load and configuration, which can vary from one computer to another and from one test to another. Because of this variability, a launch time or a suspend time that is just under the limit in one instance could be just over the limit, and fail the test, in another. 

If the app's launch time or suspend time is close to the limit, review what the app is doing to handle those events and look for ways to reduce that activity. 

Your app doesn't meet requirement 4.1

Notes from Testers: 
The app has declared access to network capabilities and no privacy statement was provided in the Windows Settings Charm. App failed the Perf test in the Windows ACK. 

I broke the “Privacy Policy” rule along with the rule about snappy suspends. I was attempting to save all the news articles to the database when suspending, but that was taking too long. Fixing the 2nd problem was quick, I simply removed the code inside the Suspend handler, but privacy policy needs to be added to the app inside the Settings charm. Will do this while my daughter is in her art class learning to draw comic books.