My Software Project

I’ve been using my Surface since the end of October, 2012 and I have yet to find a decent news reading app which would load all the articles in the background and let me read their full text during my commute. I spend about an hour on the bus into the city and have plenty of time to invest on some reading.

As a bonus, I’d like to have each article be formatted for easier read.  Ads removed.  Instapaper and Readability do that, but I don’t want any of my users to have to sign up for those services.  I want my customers to deal with my app.

So I started coding the app in C++ on top of Windows RT.  The home for my project is here: I’d like to invite other developers to read and contribute.  It’s under Ms-PL license, Microsoft’s Open Source.


One thought on “My Software Project

  1. nangalia

    Alex- Rishi here…I have grappling with some similar “aggregation” tool issues myself and have struggled to come up with the ideal one…
    Lets chat at work over lunch


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